Specsavers Awards Case Study 2011: Building loyalty through multi-level outbound

Learn how customer profiling and outbound text messaging made possible new campaign strategies that raised customer retention by 25% and increased net promoter scores by 9%.

Specsavers applied best practice from other industries to develop a new multi-channel outbound contact strategy for their own business.  Creating a data capture tool and adapting scripts has made it possible to improve the quality of customer contact information by 21%.  This data is now analysed to build campaign strategies based on customer profiles, which use SMS and voice automation.  Outbound calls are targeted on customers with a high propensity to cancel or who do not respond to other channels.  As a result Specsavers retained £1.2 million in customer revenue and reduced outbound contact costs by 18% at the same time.

Key results include:

  • Customer retention rates up 25%
  • £1.2 million revenue retained as a result
  • Cost per outbound contact reduced by 18%
  • Quality of contact information held on customer database improved by 21%
  • 10% reduction in FTE
  • NetPromoter Scores up from 83% to 92%

Click here to read the full case study


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