Capita Awards Case Study 2011: End-to-end customer journey mapping

This article is a must read for those interested in gaining insight into successfully mapping the customer journey.

Gain insight into successfully mapping the customer journey and planning resources in the back office to cut processing time by 29%, reduce chaser and repeat calls and achieve a 50% efficiency saving.

Capita Life and Pensions tells us about the mapping and changes to back office work flow to manage every stage of its client’s end-user customer journey.  Processes have been reduced from over 1000 to 300, chaser and repeat calls are down by 16%, and 97% of the customer requests are completed within five days.  The supply and demand management team have successfully adapted front-office disciplines into the back office.  The partnership with the client has evolved, with new targets agreed and Capita sharing how improvements were achieved. 

Key results include:

  • 97% of end-to-end customer requests completed in 5 days
  • Average end-to-end customer processing time down 29%
  • Reduction in chaser calls by 16%
  • 1000 fewer repeat calls each month (2.5% of total calls)
  • 9% more team-time for team managers

Click here to read the full case study

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