Staples Awards Case Study 2017: Workforce planning: engaging stakeholders Europe-wide

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The new planning team was at the heart of a programme that developed workforce planning (WFM) culture and capability across all 11 European contact centres. The ways they engage with Operations are key to success; this will interest most central support functions. They’ve built understanding about the need to change and gained buy-in for many changes in working practices, balancing standardisation with the same need for local variation. Roll-out of Aspect WFM and the new MI reporting tool DNA were key for effective planning – highlighting areas of inefficiency and making the case for a more flexible business model that includes outsourcing support. This created immediate benefits. Cost per contact is down 10% with real-time savings of €257k via reallocated hours and adherence measures alone.

Who will learn from this case study? This case study addresses the needs of resource planning and insight teams plus anyone interested in implementing operational transformation across varying cultures globally. A great chance to learn from a pan-European operation about the cultural dimension of great planning and insight. 

Key results

  • 26 sites consolidated to 11 over three years
  • Operational costs cut 6% year-on-year
  • 10% point reduction in cost per contact
  • €257K net benefit from real time management alone in 2016 (€115K via reallocated hours and €212K via adherence measures)

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