Volatility & flexibility: closing the loop

The 2014 planning challenge supported over 60 organisations in the analysis of requirements, to create and deliver effective solutions for volatility & flexibility (V&F). See how this planning cycle can become continuous improvement, building a flexibility strategy that is both future-proof and sustainable.

The huge value that members gained from our V&F Challenge, was kick-started by the first workshop with this question: How do you know which flexibility solutions are best for your company if you haven’t quantified your volatility or spoken to your colleagues or customers? The starting point of this, and any task, challenge or project, is to honestly define the gap. I use the word honestly as sometimes our starting position isn’t where we  think it is. Although we might know where we want to go, our roadmap needs to start at the right point. Research in 2013 showed that 49% of organisations did not quantify their requirements for flexibility; in fact the work  following this first workshop showed new insight for practically every single participant.

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First published in the 2015 Best Practice Guide Changing gear: rise to the customer challenge.print
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Volatility and Flexiblity


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