Planning unproductive time and managing cost

Almost 150 professionals from nearly 60 organisations have joined The Productivity Journey, taking a focussed approach to an area that planning has paid least attention to. This has created valuable benchmarking data; see how you compare with other organisations.

Launched in January 2015 our Planning Challenge for 2015 is focussed on “the Productivity Journey” and the cost of unproductive time – often called ‘shrinkage’ by contact centre planners. The Planning Challenge kicked off with six regional workshops, in Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, London, Cardiff and Newcastle. This first stage was designed to set the scene for the year ahead as we take a deep dive into shrinkage analysis. The key objectives were common across the regional workshops:

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First published in the 2015 Best Practice Guide Changing gear: rise to the customer challenge.print
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The Productivity Journey Challenge 2015


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