Homeworking: Make this a success for your people, customers & business

Homeworking is now mainstream in the US and reaching every industry in the UK, including security-conscious & highly regulated financial services. Discover approaches that work. Learn how to overcome barriers and myths. See the benefits that can be gained. Simon Butler reports.

Homeworking is fast becoming mainstream in the UK, with virtual outsourcing, making it easy to pilot or scale-up  quickly, and verified technology, now a standard component. This can deliver better  ecurity, compliance and fraud-prevention than many traditional contact centres. Operational and economic benefits have been especially powerful where demand can be affected by weather (eg car breakdown, home emergency and insurance) or short notice events and marketing (eg retail and media). Furthermore, the improvements that homeworking agents can deliver are now very compelling, with strong evidence of better performance, loyalty and quality from homeworkers.

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First published in the 2015 Best Practice Guide Changing gear: rise to the customer challenge.


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