End-to-end planning for back office & field operations

Last year saw a renewed focus on the value of planning customer operations in areas beyond the contact centre. Gain insight into the power of data to give visibility to the end-to-end customer journey, drive efficiency and improve customer outcomes.

At The Forum, the first back office planning course was run in 2009, including the now-famous Waterfall Model. The networking group for those planning in field operations began more recently, about 3 years ago, with some substantial benefits now being achieved in some organisations. You might think the challenges would be totally different: organising people sitting in an office compared to scheduling engineers, ambulances, installers, service or breakdown teams, loss adjusters or delivery vans. In fact, some significant commonalities are beginning to emerge, as can be seen from the critical success factors (see boxes). Data is a fundamental driver for effective decisions and planning can make a real difference; contact centre disciplines are surprisingly  applicable in other areas. Common challenges exist around engagement, entrenched culture and long-serving teams – and when looked at from the Customer Experience angle, any of these interactions are usually part of a larger customer journey. Until you obtain visibility and control of the workflows and processes, you can’t get the organisation working together for the customer, let alone drive productivity and improvement.

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First published in the 2015 Best Practice Guide Changing gear: rise to the customer challenge.

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