Managing time and planning shrinkages effectively

When you consider all the ways an advisors time is accounted for, the time spent talking to customers is often quite low, which can surprise people. The critical point is to analyse where time is going in your centre, plan accordingly and communicate with colleagues.

There are overheads that prevent each person from being available to actually complete the work they are employed to do; this is often referred to as shrinkage. We have to plan for it, as we know it happens, and categorise the way time is spent. Setting realistic expectations for this is of great importance – both in your resource plans and in how you communicate with colleagues. It’s important to note that when you consider all categories, the time left spenttalking to customers is often quite low, which can surprise some people. Colm Maguire, Head of Planning for Amazon Europe uses the shrinkage occupancy battery to illustrate this.

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First published in the 2014 Best Practice Guide; Bridging the gap

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