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The need for technology in our centres continues unabated.  Business is always looking for the ‘next big thing’ which will assist customers, make staff more efficient and in truth, make the business more profitable.  These don’t always go hand in hand.  However the harsh reality of technology is that it more often than not causes problems due to issues previously unthought of. 

The Planning Forum always suggests people do independent research as part of the implementation process, and engage in ongoing networking at vendor user groups and at vendor-independent networking groups to understand how people use the technology themselves as well as understanding alternatives.

Have a look at 4 resources to assist you when considering or discussing technology:

  • Article on a review of technology by our Advanced Diploma in Contact Centre Planning and Management Students
  • Technology Survey  (Survey to be taken at Customer Strategy and Planning 2014 - Results will follow)
  • Santander Case Study on using technology effectively to assist customer journey
  • Suppliers Guide for information on technology vendors
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Technology: does it work for colleagues and customers?


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