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A session on this topic was delivered at the National Best Practice seminar on 19th November 2013.

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If you are not as fortunate as my colleagues and I are to see how planning departments work across many sectors and industry areas, you can nevertheless access a valuable suite of planning disciplines that are transferrable and can deliver to all sorts of businesses. Many of our members plan solely for the what is often seen as the front office so by telephone, web chat etc. However, many of these principles can be used very effectively in what is often termed the "Back Office" environment i.e. email, white mail etc.
However, there has been a shift also to take these planning principles into the planning of field based customer delivery functions such as on site engineers and into retail planning (planning of the workforce in branches of the business). In many companies planning areas exist for all of these functions but there is very little interaction as these planning departments are left to plan for their part of the company and very few step across the silos.
More evidence of this has been seen over previous years with examples seen within our Innovation Awards programme where this has happened such as Autoglass who were the overall winners in 2011. If you look at the video and presentations from this session you will see that this is starting to happen more and more with planning across the company silos starting to be more prevalent and delivering value to these organisation. There is good detail on the theory on planning these areas and the benefits that can be attained by using these principles across your business from industry experts and their own hands on experience.

Dave Vernon,
Head of Membership

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