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How important is it to have the right IVR and On-Hold telephony messages in place and what impact could an inefficient routing have? How frustrating can it be to feel like you are going round in an IVR message loop to then end up on hold hearing “Your call is important” for 15 minutes before speaking to an advisor, who then needs to transfer you as “You’ve come through on the wrong option”?  When you finally speak to the advisor are your customers in a positive state of mind, engaged to the organisation and ready to do business, or do they need to vent their frustration to the advisor?
We want to provide an open forum to establish best practice in IVR and On-Hold Telephony messages. Use this page, to which we will add regularly, to read about best practice or find out about upcoming events. Or just give me a call or drop me an email to join in the discussion – how often do you consider some of the following issues?

Is your welcome telephony message and IVR the first voice your customer will hear, when they contact you? Is your brand represented as well as it should be? What do your customers think of your telephony messages? How long could it take to navigate through your IVR system to speak to a person? Who has responsibility in your organisation for the creation, build, maintenance and administration of your IVR?

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