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Flexibility is such a hot topic, because of the focus on costs, shifts in customer demand and contact types and the need to retain knowledge workers. We must start by analysing our requirements and find the right combinations to make it work.

Top trends at a glance

  • 44% of planning teams have quantified how much flexibility they require, yet 56% have no foundation for a flexibility strategy.
  • Part-time is a key business challenge – 92% believe it meets the needs of the people, but only 61% say it meets business needs.
  • 81% of planning managers believe their full time options meet the needs of their people and 88% that it meets the needs of the business, yet they haven’t all quantified the flex requirements.
  • Flexibility is like a jigsaw – you need to create the right combinations to make it work.
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First published in the 2013 Best Practice Guide Putting People First.

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