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Why putting people first? Because every innovation that wins our awards is driven by the passion and energy of people who care and who communicate their passion. Successful change lights the fire of enthusiasm and commitment.

This year is the tenth anniversary of our Innovation Award programme, now recognised as the most robust and hard-to-win of all the industry awards, because it’s judged by your peers.

Winners gain their awards because they demonstrate what works and it is natural to turn to them to understand what drives success. Over these ten years it can be seen, beyond doubt, that people are the key; people have been vital to the success of all these award-winning business transformations.

Even projects that seem to be about technology or numbers are driven by people with confidence and skill. Indeed, when I look back almost every project has a dimension that is about cultural change, however technical it seems at first sight.

At one level this is surprising. If you see a sales pitch for almost any potential IT purchase, you might well get the impression that this is the solution to your problems. Yet when we stop to reflect on experience, we know that it is not the technology itself which increases revenue or cuts costs. The benefits come from how we use it.

At another level it is surely obvious that people, not processes or technologies deliver success. Firstly, there are the people who make the innovations happen. These people matter; that is why it has happened. Secondly, there are people in these operations whose lives are transformed. They now care too; there is that inner engagement.

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First Published in the 2013 Best Practice Guide Putting People First.print

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