IVR and messages on hold: can they work for customers?

Many customers say they hate them, but push-button choices and messages while you wait are still widespread in contact centres.  Phil Anderson collects top tips on making them work for customers and the business.

How important is it to have the right IVR/Telephony messages in place and what impact could an inefficient routing have?  

Let’s start by understanding it as a customer.  “Try your own product...would you be happy if you called it?” suggests Scott Clifford, Infrastructure Manager Tesco Bank General Insurance.

For example, how frustrating can it be to feel like you are going round in an IVR message loop to then end up on hold hearing “Your call is important” for 15 minutes before speaking to an advisor, who then needs to transfer you as “You’ve come through on the wrong option”? When your customers finally speak to the advisor, are they in a positive state of mind, engaged to the organisation and ready to do business, or do they need to vent their frustration to the advisor?

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First published in the 2013 Best Practice Guide Putting People First.


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