Contact centres: the heart of healthcare?

Paul Smedley, Founder & Chair of the Professional Planning Forum, uncovers the secrets behind five recent success stories in public sector customer contact

It’s clear that all public sector services are going to need further and deeper plans to drive efficiency, delivering more with less. In this new world, technology appears again and again in transformation plans and budgets, but technology alone doesn’t drive down costs.  
As David McElhinney, acting chief executive of Liverpool Council, said at our Public Sector seminar in Liverpool last year, just buying new laptops never saved a penny, but getting people to work differently transforms service. Transformation requires putting the customer at the heart of how things work. The experience of our members – especially in the public sector – is that a contact centre which channels and manages customer enquiries can be a real catalyst for genuinely doing more with less in the organisation. 

Read about Pioneering projects, sharing best practice, a modal contact centre, a different approach and six top tips for better customer contact.
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