Direct Line Group Awards Case Study 2013: Shift Choice: creating the right trade-offs

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A major new shift strategy offers new lifestyle options, while at the same time significantly reducing overtime costs and saving over 4% of operational expenditure overall.


Learn how Shift Choice raised calls handled by 8% with the same FTE, increasing schedule fit by 15%. 90% of resource now has at least 2.5 hours flex on start and finish times and part-time hours have been realigned. Crucially, the team set out to better balance business, customer and colleague needs, with new trade-offs allowing choices over evenings and weekends. The project was well-communicated, with a fair and thorough exceptions process, and over 98% of people received their first or second preference. Vitally, flexibility is futureproofed by having an annual preference window, which is important to colleagues and means that shifts are regularly reviewed.

Site visit report 13th September, Doncaster

Attending Companies – UKAR, Essex and Suffolk Water, Environment Agency, Anglian Water, EE, VW Financial Services, Photobox, HMRC, British Gas Heating and Instalations.
Delegate Testimonial - Most useful and enjoyable parts of the day?
  • To be able to benchmark our operation and flexibility against other companies
  • Speaking directly to those affected by the changes
  • Networking with peers
  • Understanding the journey
  • The process used to get agent buy-in and mechanism of delivery
Delegate Testimonial - What will you be able to do as a result of this visit?
  • Be clear what you can offer people
  • That people can and will be flexible if they understand why
  • A formal process for managing flexible working requests
  • The process, time and resource it takes to deliver a change of this nature
  • Approach our planning project with much more insight
  • Sustainability – Revisiting process to ensure continued improvement and education 
Recommendation Rate = 100%


  • Delivered a 4% Opex saving re-allocation of shifts and reduction of overtime
  • Consultants handle 8% more calls with the same FTE
  • Schedule fit went up 15%
  • Shift flexibility increased to 40% in the last hour of the day and to 12% at weekends
  • 2% improvement in abandoned call rate
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