Avios Awards Case Study 2013: The dedicated web centre gets customers engaged

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Learn how web chat and other e-contact has put customer choice centre stage for the Avios Travel Rewards programme www.avios.com – appealing to a different demographic from voice and improving both customer and agent satisfaction.


When Avios, the UK travel rewards programme, created a dedicated ‘web centre’, this allowed customer service agents to handle more value-added contacts while improving customer satisfaction using Avios.com. The centre was developed through collaboration across all functions, led by a planning manager. It has successfully generated an additional 100,000 online contacts with customers per year; however it remained almost cost-neutral. Web-chat has been particularly successful, delivering an extra 4,500 customer interactions per week, with 0.4% abandonment and 85% customer satisfaction. The move has also provided frontline contact centre agents the opportunity to work in an autonomous, multimedia environment and benefit from a robust progression plan.

Site visit report 21st June in Warrington

A fantastic day at Avios best summarised by the delegates:

What were the most enjoyable or useful aspects of this event?

“Seeing how the system works and whether it should stand alone or be a part of another team.”  Michelle Beckett, Hughes Insurance
“Seeing how Avios work and the level of engagement from their staff on web chat/social media.”  Alan Cox, Tesco Bank
“Hearing how Avios have progressed in their web chat and getting ideas of how we develop.”  Lorraine Rigby, United Utilities
“Sitting with the agents getting their view on the web chat and seeing how much they enjoyed it.”  Declan McConnell, Tesco Bank
“Great to see how well they have brought all levels of social media and web chat together.”  Ian Johnson, United Utilities

What was key learning from today’s visit?

“To give more focus to web chat to improve customer experience.”  Lorraine Rigby, United Utilities
“Customer Service Benefit.”  Liam Benson, Cumberland Building Society
“How simple web chat can be implemented; it’s not as scary as it seems!”  Jo Nixon, United Utilities
“Take a proactive web chat approach.”  Heather Love, ACCA
“Operations should own FAQs!  Give the agents ownership of the different queries and queues.”  Louise Tolliday, Experian
“Web chat is an achievable option and could see how it could work within our company.”  Ryan Reid, Hughes Insurance

Any other comments?

“Enjoyed every moment, definitely an innovative idea fit for the modern day.”  Declan McConnell, Tesco Bank 


  • 4,500 web-chats now delivered weekly, with an abandonment rate of <0.4%
  • 100,000 incremental online contacts per annum
  • 85% of customers customer satisfaction rate web-chat as either ‘good’ or ‘very good’
  • 90% positive reaction in customer verbatims 
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