Sensée Awards Case Study 2013: Homeworking environment raises the bar on performance

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Sensée’s outsourced homeworking model has cut client’s costs 10%-14%, delivered full FSA/PCI compliance and created a highperforming virtual operation that has a real team spirit.


Discover how the highly-developed virtual environment at Sensée has driven productivity; typically 20%-30% better than in-house operations, and improved quality of service; HomeAgents outperform clients on all behavioural quality scores by an average of 16%. Reliable and carefully specified technology enables virtual recruitment, training and management that offers visibility, control and security whilst also helping people feel part of a supportive team. Low absenteeism (2.63%) supports the belief that homeworking could work for any business. Sensée’s scaleable operation provides flexible on-demand resource, for clients such as Aviva, Argos TV, HRG, PhotoBox and Rank Interactive.

Site visit report 12th June in London

17 delegates attended the Senses site visit to see, hear and understand how best practice home working works. Kelly Bains gave a shirt introduction before passing over to Chief Executive and founder Steve Mosser for a Case study overview.

It was great to see how webcams and online chat rooms were being used to create a community for team leaders, teams and employees. The “live desk manager” was left on for us to see how homeworkers and team leaders interact throughout the day. To see how quickly team leaders could respond to queries was great, whilst watching the typical call centre chat take place between other home workers was also great to see.  The Live desk manager shows all attendees then separates work chat, grad bay (for new recruits just out of training) and social chat.  There are then separate breakout rooms allowing for coaching, 1 to 1s etc...

Start with people then apply the technology, to create a sense of belonging despite being remote” Steve Mosser

Interviewing Team Leaders and home agents via web cam created a unique experience.

Dispelling the myth around data protection and homeworking. “Agents won't see or hear credit card details, Desktop control, means that you can restrict print screen.” “There is no greater risk for a homeworkers taking details than in an office.”

Finishing with a lively debate two questions which we discussed included:

  • Who should provide equipment (desk/computer) for home workers, the employee or employer?
  • Do homeworkers understand the cost saving of working from home?  Comparison of electric bills increase versus travelling cost decrease?

“[I now]Have a greater appreciation of the complexities of home working.”  Jamie Campbell, LV
“Really useful and perfect timing for us, so many thanks.”  Andrea Gray, Nuffield Health

What were the most enjoyable aspects of the event?  
“Live interactions with Agents & Team Leaders.”  Rebecca Varstone,
“[seeing the]Engagement with existing clients of homeworkers”  Claire Collier, RSA Group
“Incredibly insightful and the benefits speak for themselves with the technology.  Live demonstrations were essential and really brought it to life.”  Jamie Campbell, LV


  • Outperformed client in-house behavioural quality scores by an average of 16%
  • Absence rate 2.63%
  • Attrition 22% across all campaigns
  • 95.5% shift adherence
  • Reliable technology means total downtime accounted for only 0.57% of all hours worked
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