The Information Commissioners Office Finally Takes Action on Spam Texters

Funny how things suddenly fall into place sometimes - I was fortunate to have Matt Chapman from Ofcom attend our National Outbound Forum in November and I challenged him on what the regulators were going to do about the volume of these texts. As the industry body supporting outbound professional I was alarmed at the possible damage these texts and IVM's were having on our industry. Matt stated at the event that the Information Commissioners Office was looking into this issue as a matter of urgency and finally in the past weeks action has been taken against one of these companies. To read more on this please click here.

I am now hopeful that the regulators will continue their firm stance on this type of outbound contact and further action will follow on other Spam Texters especially in the PPI and Personal Injury space so the companies doing the "right thing" in outbound contact are not impacted by these rogue companies.

Dave Vernon
Head of Membershipprint

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