View Webinar Recording - Hidden Opportunities in the Back Office

A lack of visibility into work processes and best practices in the back office makes it difficult to improve operational efficiency.  Lack of visibility into employee performance data makes it difficult to understand who is doing a good job and who needs help.  Processing errors lead to costly refunds to consumers and regulatory fines.  Work backlogs lead to overtime costs and a poor customer experience.  Inconsistent processes lead to errors and rework.  
The efficiency of the back office impacts your profitability now more than ever.  View the recording now of this interactive webinar, where real life case studies presentations were interspersed with survey questions to the audience and an expert panel, including planning managers from 2010 Innovation Award winners Scottish Power. Join the Planning Forum and NICE Systems as we uncover hidden opportunities within your back office.

Click here to view the recording of this webinar.


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