National Seminar Report: Outbound

With over 40 delegates attending the latest National Outbound Forum as part of the Professional Planning Forum's recent Best Practice seminar, this event offered a chance for Outbound Professionals to see some great presentations and also have time in round table to discuss the challenges they face with other outbound professionals from different companies. With two short presentations on the "Future of Outbound" and a strategic member update from Barclays there was some great content.  Delegates were able to discuss this and  questions such as "Where are your challenges and major issues?" and "How is current compliance working within your organisation?" at the subsequent roundtables.

Key challenges delegates are facing - output from round table discussion

  • Scheduling of people especially around balancing inbound and outbound contact and the impact of agents incentives around this
  • Running automated outbound in small operations/departments
  • Having too much data and the issues this causes around focus and priorities
  • When to blend?
  • Impact of blending on attrition
  • Deciding on the best method of contact for different products/offerings
  • Impact of the different dialling times
  • Multichannel blending - is anyone doing this?
Compliance - output from round table discussion
  • AMD policy has made companies think about their dialling strategy
  • Concerns raised around the use of unintelligent IVM by PPI companies - Ofcom was in the room and advised that this is being discussed at the moment by the Information Commissioner, Dept of Justice and Ofcom to decide how to address this
  • Ofcom outlined how notifications take place and in the first instance how this is done
  • Ofcom's main ways of identifying companies who may be breaching legislation were: -
  • Complaints made directly by consumers to Ofcom
  • Data from nuisance bureau's
  • Information from TPS
  • "Who called me" website
Top tips from the session
  • When trialling automated blending ensure you have a cut off pin in place so you can stop this at a "flick of a switch"
  • Ask your customers when the best time to call them is whenever you speak to them
  • Have clear expectations around what a campaign should deliver
  • When profiling your list, all stereotypes should be used
  • Have a follow up strategy; this doesn't always have to be immediate
  • Run one campaign at a time and take time to analyse the data.

Some of the highlights from the tweets throughout the day were - "Get your team leaders to manage their teams like it was their own business and give them the MI to do this!" and "Hold your nerve on Strategy, Don't revert top reactive management - be transparent"

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