Editor’s choice: Top Ten Articles for July/August 2012

Our editors’ Top Ten  for this month is the list of “related articles” at the bottom of this page - just click on one of the articles to read it.  When it opens, click on the hyperlink(s) at the bottom of the article to open up the full PDF - eg “click here”.  
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  • Scroll down to the bottom of every article in the library, to see other related articles or come back to my editor’s choice. Email us have your suggestions for articles that should be linked together to news@planningforum.co.uk
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  • Take a look at case studies and presentations for all the Innovation Award Winners and Finalists and see results from the 2012 Benchmark Research 
Please do email me with your suggestions for future top tips on news@planningforum.co.uk and please use the rating system to help others 

Paul Smedley, Founder & Chair.  
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