National Outbound Forum Report 2012

With 100% of delegates rating this event as "Outstanding" or "Good", this year's National Outbound 2012 brought together Outbound professionals from nearly every industry sector. All shapes and sizes of centres were represented and all calling types all supported by a smattering of industry experts and suppliers. 

We had four excellent case studies this year. We had two Innovation Award Finalists in DAS and Scottish Widows with very different stories to tell. Scottish Widows had developed a proactive manual outbound strategy that optimises outbound calls alongside other contact approaches whilst DAS had seen how contact rates rose by 20% at because customers are now called at the right times since they have implemented a new dialler and put some focus on planning and analysis of contact rates.

We were very lucky this year to secure a session hosted by John Connelly who is the Ofcom Compliance manager for British Gas and he gave a really insightful talk on how British Gas have embraced the new legislation and tried to work with the regulator and the legislation rather than against this. The final case study came from Capita; winners of the Outbound Award in 2010 as they gave an update to the group on the work they had made are their dialling strategies over the last two years.

It was also fantastic to have the regulator Ofcom attending the National Outbound Forum 2012 in person answering member question supplied in advance. Matthew Chapman and Miriam Martin attended from Ofcom giving their responses to the questions supplied*. This led to a lively session but all delegates remained mindful that these regulations are in place to protect our customers.

The main statements that did come out of the session was that the regulator was not looking to go into anymore consultations in the near future on this topic. They were now looking to move from a period of consultation to a period of enforcement as they look to make the current regulations work.  We have already seen the legislation in action recently and the first big fine of £750k issued. Ofcom is showing that it believes the current statements and subsequent legislation is fair for both business and consumer and it is for us all in this industry to now work with this legislation.

*A list of the questions responded to by Ofcom at the National Outbound Forum 2012 are available on request by

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Sample Quotes by attending delegates

  • It was really interesting to listen to Ofcom and the answers they had to the Forums questions
  • It was great to network and share challenges” 
  • Good blend of outbound experience coupled with excellent presentations

Sample Takeaways by attending delegates

  • Dropping certain targets for agents
  • Multi skilled agents for all campaigns
  • Really important to have clear outcome codes to allow analysis
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