What makes a great planning team?


The attached pages from our 2012 Best Practice Guide identify key treands and issues in creating a great planning team.  They include highlights from the 2012 Benchmark Research.
  • Planning has matured as a profession since 2000, but there is not enough investment in our people. Nearly 25% received no job specific training in the last year. Half were unable to say they have enough training and support to be effective in their role.
  • Training from the Planning Forum remains the most common (52%) and double the number of people described this training as hugely useful – compared to training from other sources.
  • Suppliers need to raise their game on training and support – with results showing that their training has significantly lower scores for usefulness.
  • 1:1s and support from the analysts line manager is another patchy area – with only just over half finding 1:1s significantly useful. New work on using the Skills Assessment framework with members (see page 12) includes some projects where specific support and training is given to planning team managers in how to assess and support their team’s development.
  • Buy-in has hardly changed over the 10 years, with over a quarter saying that team leader buy-in is not enough and around half not having enough buy-in from marketing.
  • Planning team ratios continue to hold a wide variation, but activity is one of the drivers of size and its clear from the table opposite that there is a wide spread of accountabilities in terms of what the planning team workload looks like.

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First published in the 2012 Best Practice Guide Planning for Peak Performance

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