Barclays Wealth Awards Case Study 2012: Global operations offer 24/7 opportunities

Global operations offer 24/7 opportunities

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Learn how a new site in Singapore helps Barclays Wealth and Investment deliver global 24hour service across a fully virtual operation, supporting international and private banking clients.
Take a look at this smart way of extending opening hours, through planning innovation on an international scale. Forecasting methodology gave insight that enabled an efficient transition across the sites. Central resourcing provides support across two time zones to 150 agents. At the same time, this modelling made for a different, more cost effective way of working that meant that staff had more choice over their shifts. The working methodology was changed as email and written work also became blended. As a result, there has been a 7% increase in client contact and allowed Barclays to in source its debit card servicing provision.


  • 7% increase in client contact
  • 5% reduction in transferred calls
  • Employee satisfaction increased by 8% year on year in the 2011 survey
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