Building the business case for investing in Membership

Annual membership of the Professional Planning Forum provides you with a package of year-round support, events and resources that will help you to strengthen your centre, develop and motivate your staff and improve your customer’s experience. Our members tell us that this investment pays backs in spades, but let’s put some numbers around this to help you to build your business case.
Your business case will need to address the following questions: 

  1. What percentage return on my investment will I get?
  2. Will it pay back in the same financial year?
Many members experience percentage returns of over 100% and in many cases 1000's% return on the investment and, at an absolute minimum, we know that every member covers the cost of their membership so making it a cost neutral investment as an absolute minimum. So how does this occur?
Let's take our top level Corporate Gold Membership, a £6400+VAT investment. What is the fully loaded cost of a fully loaded front line advisor in your business? In the UK this will probably be around the £18-20K mark and if using off shore agents this will be around £9-11k.

There are not many areas in a business that can impact the amount of FTE required as much as the Planning, Analysis and Quality Functions. Just consider if you and your team took just one idea back from the our conference, site visit programme, local networking group or by speaking with one us here at the forum over your membership year and all this idea delivered was a saving of 1 FTE in your organisation?

This would mean by investing £6400+VAT you would save £18- 20k if you have UK based agents giving a same year ROI of between 280% and 310% and if you have off shore agents this would save £9- 11k giving an ROI of between 140% and 170%.
This is taking the biggest investment you can with us here at the Forum member-wise, bar a bespoke package and delivering probably the smallest saving you could over a year…
Take a look at the following link on Return on Investment in training as well, as this also gives solid evidence of how having a highly skilled and motivated planning function can drive and support the delivery of significant operational benefits.
Think about it - would you and your team take the challenge from your senior stakeholders to implement and validate changes from your interaction with the Forum to secure membership?
Membership with the Forum is one of the safest investments your organisation will make this year…print
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