Challenge roles – building your challenge team

A team can deliver more than any single individual. This list off roles is designed to help you identify who to involve and what accountability is required of the lead participants. 

Lead Participant(s)
The person(s) in your organisation who takes accountability for the success of the challenge and provides continuity in your participation throughout the year. The main link between The Forum and your challenge team, ensuring the right people attend events and engage appropriately with resources. This role may be shared, or you can keep this to one main person, with nominated deputy(ies). The lead is accountable for clarifying goals, stakeholder engagement, communication plans – effectively the project manager for the programme. In a few cases they may be supported by an admin co-ordinator. 

Senior Internal Sponsor 
The person who pays and/or benefits from your Challenge participation. They will sign off your challenge goals and review progress with you at regular intervals. They will be invited to the April and November conferences. Usually they are not a participant, but someone the participant reports in to, but they may attend some workshops if they wish. 

Workshop & Event Participants

Those who take part in the regional workshops or best practice days in February, June/July and October. The conference participants are usually one of the lead participants, but you can nominate a deputy or alternate. Participation in the Innovation Awards Best Practice Site Visits is decided when this programme is confirmed in January. 

Functions or individuals that need to be engaged, or used to help, so that you can effectively tackle the identified issue. Stakeholders can include all those affected by the changes. 


Those in your team who are not directly involved in this challenge programme, but could benefit by your sharing resources with them. 




Planning Challenge Sponsor

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