Professional Planning Forum Awards Programmes

National Planning Awards 2016
Finalist Days: 6th July, Newcastle (Marriot) and 14th July, Solihull (St Johns Hotel)
Awards Gala Dinner: 29th September, Leeds (Marriot)
National Planning Conference: 29th November, Nottingham (Eastwood Hall)

These awards are dedicated to the needs of planners and managers, and will celebrate achievement in this key area within customer contact centres. Find out how to get involved by following the link above.

Customer Contact Innovation Awards 2016 
Gala dinner on Tuesday 25th April 2017
Save the date!

A vital part of our community’s year, our innovation awards celebrate achievement across all our three professional forums of Planning, Insight and Quality. This is a great opportunity to gain external recognition for the hard work and success achieved by you and your team.



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