How can we make time for learning and development? Data Analytics & Insight Newsletter August 2016



As The Forum’s professional development month is drawing to a close I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on one of the biggest barriers to learning…Time.

We are all keen to learn and develop ourselves professionally but all too often the day job gets in the way. So how can we make time for learning? It is important to remember that learning isn’t just about being sat in a classroom or reading books, there is also the “incidental learning” that we do instinctively; when we try and do new things with others or independently, where we go outside our comfort zones or adapt to feedback from others.

One of the best approaches to learning and development I have heard was from Jonathan Moore, Operational MI Business Lead at RSA, during our recent site visit.

His philosophy is an analyst or analytics team should not try and work at 100% utilisation, instead they should focus 80% of their time doing their job and the other 20% of the time getting better at. When I first heard this it sounded great in principle but unworkable in practice, however, the more he explained it the more sense it made.

I think it is fair to say that for any data, analytics or insight team our internal processes are far less efficient than they could be. There are many ways we waste time including;

  • Manually inputting data that could be automated
  • Duplicating work within the team
  • Reworking errors
  • Rebuilding trust after an error
  • Producing reports that nobody reads
  • Producing reports that nobody acts on
  • Trying to work out how a colleague did something.

The list is endless and I am sure that if we take a moment to add up the amount of time we waste it adds up to more than the 20% we are planning on putting aside for learning and development.

I recently came across this great article on the subject; The Seven Types of Waste (Muda) – Now with 24 More Types of Waste Absolutely Free!

So there are big gains if we focus whatever little bit of available time we have in learning and applying techniques to reduce the wasted time. (If there is no time at all for this perhaps start by looking at removing reports that aren’t being read, nobody will notice).

As we free up the time the temptation is to immediately take on more work or reduce headcount to get back to 100% utilisation. However, once we have created some “space” it is important to protect it and use it to do more improvement.

Jon likens the process to a snowball effect. “Chip away a little bit and this frees up time to chip away a little bit more. The more you do it the more time you create. Whilst progress may be slow to start, it will soon gather momentum and rapidly grow and become a cultural thing whereby part of our “day job” is to improve what we do and how we do it”

Doing this we will become more efficient and effective at what we do and be able to do more and more with the same or less resources.

Through taking this approach Jon’s team have been able to save over 1000 production months, and despite a significant reduction in their team size they have reduced the SLA of new requests from 24 days to 2 days & increased stakeholder NPS by 93 points.

You can read RSA’s Innovation Award winning case study here

When considering your own or your teams learning it is important to remember that the technical skills are just one of the development areas for an analyst. We could be brilliant with Excel, SQL, SAS or whatever systems we use, but that is not enough, if we want to produce meaningful insight that drives change. Take a moment to map out your insight journey, look at the barriers you face along the way and the skills that you need to overcome these. You will find that some of the often neglected “soft skills” are actually much more important than you may have thought.

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