What are your critical issues? Quality & Customer Experience Forum Update: February 2016




“Any fool can complicate things; it takes a genius to simplify them.”

Following on from my colleague Phil’s Planning Forum newsletter last week, I too thought I’d share an Albert Einstein quote to set the tone around this month’s Quality & Customer Experience Forum update.

It is true to say that simple sells, customer’s require ease of service more than they ever have in this digital age but as a service industry we still have a long way to go to deliver the expectations of our customers. Process design is generally where we fall down, putting steps in that negate the experience so that we tick a box or deliver an outcome that ‘we’ want and not necessarily the customer. High performing companies truly do put the customer at the heart of their operation and design the experience with the customer in mind at every step of the journey. I recently bought a new car and the varying degrees of effort I had to put in from arranging the Tax, Insurance, breakdown cover and all the auxiliary things was really apparent as I dealt with the different organisations. What was supposed to be an exciting time proved to be more stressful than I anticipated and it was purely down to poorly designed processes, which made me feel frustrated and annoyed (and I was the one wanting to spend money).

Below you will read more about this year’s challenge programme and I challenge you all this year to get involved so you can end 2016 with a sense of achievement. Whether your focus is on delivering an assessment process, enhancing your digital channels, developing your end to end processes and journeys we at the Quality & Customer Experience Forum are here to help you.

Best Wishes, 


Chris Rainsforth
Quality & Customer Experience Programme Leader
The Forum

2016 Challenge Programme

What is the critical issue your team needs to address during 2016?

Utilise our year-long programme of activity, development and support to help you make the difference.

You are not on your own. In order to help you move forward on solutions that address the key business imperatives on which you are focussing within your organisation, the 2016 Challenge programme offers activities and support for benchmarking, networking, learning, sharing and development as you can see from these pages, along with regional workshops three times in the year and challenge-specific places at the national conferences, awards and site visits.

Phase 1 started in January with an assisted journey to help you sign up and be enrolled on the challenge programme. We will then help you identify the best “challenge” for you and your organisation before inviting you to a webinar on methods and tools, a best practice fortnight of stake holder engagement and a group tutorial. This is designed to help prepare you for the first workshop, which starts at the end of February. By the end of this first phase of the challenge, you will have gained the different perspective from your peers and The Forum along with your own and sponsor's perspective. In addition you will have designed a 12 month strategic action plan as well as a short-term next steps plan with clear goals and success criteria.

You can still register for this year's challenge and to start phase 1, just email: challenge@theforum.social

All webinars can be watched on demand with tutorials continuing in March.

Workshop 1

  • Wednesday, 24th February – South: Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre, Waterloo, London
  • Wednesday, 9th March – North West: Preston Marriott
  • Tuesday 15th March – North East: Gosforth Park Marriott, Newcastle

Customer Strategy & Planning, April 25th & 26th – Stratford upon Avon

We are fast approaching our flagship event of the year, a must attend for everyone working in the customer contact industry. This year, in all our conferences and best practice events, we look at how to get the very best from ourselves and our teams. What helps you achieve your ‘personal best’? What enables step changes in our performance and contribution as professionals? What has to be in place in terms of research, resources and support to make pioneering breakthrough possible? None of this happens by chance; pioneers and leaders achieve results because they set out to do this and put in place the preparation and support that is required.

Have you booked your place yet? You can view the updated agenda here.

Best practice weeks

New for 2016 we are delivering a series of best practice weeks. Following on from the highly successful launch where we focused on Stakeholder Engagement, the following topics will be addressed in future Best Practice weeks this year. Use these to develop new approaches & skills in vital areas, by signing up for one or more of our best practice weeks. Each week include free resources and events - as well as further training modules, mentoring or best practice benchmarking resources where there is demand.

  • Improvement & Process: 4th - 8th April
  • Analysis Techniques: 11th - 15th April
  • Best Practice in the Back Office: 16th - 20th May
  • Best Practice in Analytics: 16th - 20th May
  • Real-time Management & Tactical Planning: 4th - 8th July
  • Best Practice in Customer Insight: 11th - 15th July
  • Omni-Channel & Beyond the Contact Centre: 19th - 23rd September
  • National Customer Service Week: 3rd - 7th October
  • End-to-end Customer Journeys: 17th - 21st October
  • Best Practice in Outbound Contact: 21st - 25th November
  • Professional Development Month (on Demand): 1st- 30th August

Register now for the weeks that will support your development needs. To register and formore information please visit our website here.

Accredited Professionals

This month we welcome 2 more to the growing ranks of Accredited Professionals. May I be the first to congratulate:

  • Holly Boswell, British Gas
  • Shabnam Dakri, British Gas

For more information on becoming an accredited professional please visit here.

Upcoming events

Upcoming events and training for the Quality Forum.See the website for more details. 

24th Feb

Quality Challenge Workshop 1


9th Mar

Quality Challenge Workshop 1


15th Mar

Quality Challenge Workshop 1


w/c 21st Mar

Nominations open for National Quallity & Customer Experience


4th - 8th Apr

Best Practice Week: Improvement Process


11th - 15th Apr

Best Practice Week: Analysis Techniques


25th - 26th Apr

Customer Strategy & Planning 2016

Stratford upon Avon


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