How to join our Social Media communities

Why not join us yourself on LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube? 

Social media is a hot topic in the industry and its use by The Forum members has also rocketed. 

LinkedIn groups are a great place to network - they are now also our main forum for discussion and questions.  Don’t miss out.  Take a look at the groups below to see what other people are wanting to know, what advice they are getting from their colleagues and add your own views , experience and questions.   

All these groups are open for public viewing - just click the links and see the latest contributions.  The main group for planners and analysts has around 1000 members already and grows every week, alongside the other, newer communities of best practice which also include operations and strategic managers. To ask questions or engage in the debate, sign up for the group. You will then get regular updates at a frequency you choose. We approve new group joining on a daily basis.

If you are a Twitter user, follow our main group by clicking here - or follow one of our top team. You can also message us @planningforum from your Twitter account.

On YouTube you can view some of The Forum videos by visiting this page. It’s a great way to see what other members are saying.  Email us your clips if you have something to say!



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