January Best Practice News

Are you able to join us for the free Best Practice Week starting on Monday? Register now and we will offer tailored suggestions, based on your personal topic choices. Meanwhile, a few illustrative topics are shown below. Above all, do add questions or comments on the new chatter forum – now alongside the articles in the new online library.

The other big news is the agenda for our conference in Harrogate on April 24-25, just released today! Why not see what’s on offer? Have you booked your places?

Have a great Best Practice Week, with best wishes,
Chris Rainsforth and Phil Anderson

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Quality & Customer Experience

The most engaged people have the happiest customers. Take 20 mins to watch one of these classic case study videos and learn about creating a culture of customer focus. See how they were inspired to act on customer feedback, take ownership, build self-awareness and create emotional connection. Then, list key success factors, rate yourselves and share your five key focus areas for 2017. Try chatter!

Read or watch: Motability·Lebara·White Concierge

Brilliant Basics for effective resource planning

Planning for averages results in average planning! See how UCAS and Scottish Power manage peak demand and engage key stakeholders in making planning effective. Or take time to see how good forecasters need to get under the surface to understand what is driving the numbers. What are your strengths or the key areas for development? Add your questions on chatter or contact us for further help.

Read the Scottish Gas or UCAS case studies or the forecasting article

Engagement & Communications

Take time now to plan your stakeholder engagement and save time later. This e-learning resource offers 3 simple steps for Stakeholder Analysis, enabling you to understand where to put your efforts, which stakeholders are key and what makes them interested in your work or project. Plus: 2 videos, exercises in the resource book and a host of further resources for advanced techniques.

Open this e-learning resource now

Engaging the hearts & minds of employees

Be inspired by this timeless presentation from Sophie Patrikios, then Senior Director at LEGO. Sophie reveals why people never 'throw a sickie' at LEGO and how they learned to put things back together after a disastrous attempt to just 'tighten up' efficiency of an award-winning customer operation. List the critical components of success, rate yourselves and identify your development goals for 2017.

Watch the presentation

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