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This conference call/web meeting is the first group activity in your challenge programme – to help you review your goals for this year’s challenge and gain insight from others. Please select your preferred date below and press ‘book’. You will receive a calendar invite within two working days, with the phone number and weblinks. 

Your tutorial will need to be at least a week before your first workshop and you will need to have completed at least the first of the four short exercises in the Getting Started e-book (the one about goals). If you are intending to attend the Preston or Solihull challenge workshops at the start of February, you will probably wish to book a tutorial in January. If you are attending the Newcastle or London workshop then you have a little longer, but you may wish to still book a January tutorial in order to get started more quickly. Remember the 2017 challenge starts with the four exercises and the tutorial, you don't need to wait for the workshop!
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Get started on your Challenge

Use this workbook to help you to start thinking about your goals for 2017. Use the exercises to help refine your ideas.

Download the PDF now.

Download the worksheets now.

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