Leadership Forum, Harrogate

Strategy & Leadership Forum
Monday 23rd April 2018
Majestic Hotel, Harrogate

Monday 23rd April 2018
Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, 09:00 – 17:00

Join the opening keynotes at the Customer Strategy & Planning Conference, then enjoy the dedicated Leadership Speakers and Workshop from 10:00.

08:00 Registration and refreshments - visit the conference EXPO and meet key industry suppliers.  

Be your personal best: Be stimulated and inspired by today’s opening speakers to release potential within yourselves, your team and your organisations - and set yourself up for the day ahead. With Jennifer Holloway, best-selling author and consultant, the National Autistic Society and The Forum’s own specialist experts.

10:00 Refreshments and networking - visit the conference EXPO and meet key industry suppliers  

The formal part of the day begins with round table discussion and interaction with our keynote speaker Jennifer Holloway and other experienced specialists, including Leigh Hopwood (Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing) and Catherine Leggett (Employment Lead at the National Autistic Society). 


Hear from Ed Creasey (NICE) on latest developments and opportunities in process automation and workforce performance across customer operations. A panel discussion including Leigh Hopwood (Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing) is followed by the chance for round table discussion with these speakers.

13:00 Lunch

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Speakers Include:

Leigh Hopwood is a Chartered Marketer and Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Having been the marketing leader for IT companies specialising in niche markets, Leigh set up Redd Marketing in 2011 to help organisations revamp their marketing approach. Away from the CIM, she spends her time delivering strategic marketing consultancy projects, advising Boards and business owners, and coaching and mentoring marketing professionals at all levels.


Jennifer Holloway is the best-selling author of Personal Branding For Brits, encouraging people in business to blow their own trumpets (without sounding like idiots). When it comes to personal branding, Jennifer Holloway knows her stuff. From her corporate days running press offices to being the boss of her own business she’s built relationships, gained clients and stayed on people’s radars by promoting who she is – not just what she does. As the best-selling author of Personal Branding For Brits she’s taken what she’s learned and created a practical guide to blowing your own trumpet to encourage as many people as possible to discover being successful means being yourself.

Catherine Leggett is Employment Consultant at National Autistic Society. She is an experienced employment consultant at the National Autistic Society, undertaking workplace assessments, training and consultancy for employers, employees, Unions, Supported Employment Organisations and service providers (including DWP). She also delivers autism awareness talks at conferences and events nationally. Catherine has an engineering/technical background and previous experience working on gender equality projects for women in science, engineering and technology. Her areas of special interest are in developing support and services for autistic women and girls.

Ed Creasey has been developing consulting practices for Interaction Analytics since 1998, using traditional Quality Management principles along with Speech and Customer Journey Analytics.  Ed has 10 years’ experience of deploying speech and text analytics across EMEA using on premise and managed service solutions. He now helps organisations solve their business challenges through the use of Analytics, Real Time and Employee Engagement solutions. 


Paul Smedley is Founder and Chair of The Forum, responsible for the strategic development of our best practice programmes, the popular annual conference and the prestigious Innovation Awards. He is also currently champion for our work with the Public Sector, on Customer Strategy and on Customer Quality Management. Paul established the training, best practice, membership and awards programmes of The Forum and is rated highly for creating enjoyable, interactive training events and seminars. He has presented at conferences and seminars nationally and internationally and has tutored with Lancaster University Management School.



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