Best Practice Weeks 2016

Develop new approaches & skills in vital areas, by signing up for one or more of our best practice weeks. Each week include free resources and events - as well as further training modules, mentoring or best practice benchmarking resources where there is demand. 

By telling us what you want to address, we can prioritise the materials we develop for the weeks and we will then advise you on how to diarise time to take advantage. 

Use the links below to access material for the weeks that have already happened.

This is how the week were presented:

Signing up for one of The Forum’s Best Practice weeks and get access to the latest best practice material and practical case study examples from The Forum and it’s community members.

Once signed up you will have free access to:
  • The launched webinar (typically the Friday before the week)
  • Best practice material, online articles and case studies
  • Live webinar or virtual discussion, to hear from The Forum and it’s members
Subject to demand there may be further events and activities which will include a cost.

*Mid-week activities and events are subject to demand and will include an addition cost, e.g. 1 day training workshop or master class £ 550 (+VAT)), 2 day specialist training £ 1,045 (+VAT).
Volume discounts are available.
If you could host an event please contact The Forum.

The August On-Demand Summer School (Professional Development Month) will include the chance to focus on areas such as:

  • Personal capability & impact - your own development
  • Beyond the contact centre - key approaches for planning, insight & quality 
  • Digital channels - key approaches for planning, insight & quality 
  • Catch up on previous weeks - leverage selected resources from the Best Practice Weeks on: Analysis Techniques, Back Office, Stakeholder Engagement, Improvement & Process Analytics, Real-time & Tactical Planning, Customer Insight 
  • Join the new 6-week Analysis Techniques Training Programme kicking off w/c 8th August

For more information phone 0333 123 5960 or email

You may also be interested in our Annual Challenge Programmes for Planning, Data Analytics & Insight or Quality & Customer ExperienceThese Challenges reflect the huge value that members gained from our previous challenges. For each challenge we provide structured tasks and focussed resources to support you in progressing work, before, during and after each of the 3 workshops during the year. Why not register now to ensure these are scheduled in your personal diary?

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