BSc Year in Managing the Customer Contact, Belfast

5th-6th June 2018

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About the Course

Awarded by Ulster University, this is a hugely exciting opportunity for contact centre planners and analysts to gain externally accredited academic qualifications. 

This is the final year of the degree course and initially will only be available to those students who can demonstrate reasons to be awarded 'Accredited Prior Learning' or 'Accredited Experiential Prior Learning,' a process which is subject to University Regulations.  In summary, students will be expected to demonstrate why they should get exemptions to the Level 4 & Level 5 courses due to study they have previously completed or experience they have gained during their career.  Some potential students may prefer to take a step back and initially study the Advanced Diploma programme.

The Level 4 courses focussed on what contact centres are - how they came to be and the different roles within them. Level 5 focussed on technical skills that aspiring managers are faced with on a regular basis - every decision they make has an impact on service -the courses show how to identify potential impact. Level 6, the final year, takes concepts taught into the strategic area - think about the long term impact of projects and decisions to be made within the contact centre. Students will be encouraged to think wider about how to use their skills within and beyond the contact centre.
A blend of best practice, practical research and academic rigour, the programme introduces key concepts and tools in developing the skills of planning analysts or frontline operational managers. The programme goes beyond theoretical concepts and brings the practical application to each participant, applying the learning to their organisation,  measuring effectiveness and results, while still applying the underlying principles and academic research.

Please note that if a student has completed The Forum's legacy Specialist and Advanced Certificates then subject to University Regulations, Accredited Prior Learning may be awarded to allow 'fast track' entry to the final BSc year (subject to University Regulations). Following completion of this qualification, students are awarded a BSc Honours degree.
Who is this for?

  • Want a university accredited certificate that recognises your specialist skills?
  • Planning to avoid gaps when your current experts move on?
  • Stepping into a planning role for the first time?

This programme works outstandingly well for someone who has been in Planning or MI, or operating in other Contact Centre roles such as Team Manager, Operations Manager or other support services for 12 months or more, and for those who want external recognition. It is pefect for those who aspire towards promotion - particularly to a 'Head of' or other Senior position. We combine intensive introductory training with 10-11 months of mentoring support, to help new planners contribute faster in the first months of their career.

Modules include:

Contact Leigh McIlwaine  at if you would like more information on the programme.

Express your interest in this course and we will be in touch to discuss your options.



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