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2018 Challenge Programme 

Join our Community Specialists to support you in tackling your business Challenge for 2018.

This year-long programme supports you in delivering effective improvements while gaining value and best practice from your professional network and includes*:

  • Accessible regional workshops
  • Tutorials
  • Conference places
  • Best Practice events

*depending on your challenge level

Providing resources to support you in realising changes and improvements, the Challenge Programme creates the capacity for organisations to tackle goals and issues, without impacting on the delivery of day to day performance. Facilitated by our Specialist team, we provide the focus and environment needed to invoke improvement and raise standards, enabling you to:

  • Maximise your impact as a team, on the key business imperatives for your organisation. 
  • Set a well-defined delivery objective that is backed up by a comprehensive support mechanism. 
  • Use our methodology & resources to analyse critical problems, engage stakeholders and create the capacity for change. 
  • Benchmark your approaches to validate their suitability. 
  • Learn from peer review as well as expert, specialist support.

Too book your place please contact the events team by phone: 0333 123 5960 or email: events@theforumsocial

New for the 2018 Challenge

4 defined goal categories will provide specialist skills and resources specifically tailored to your needs:

  • Deliver a Corporate Priority project defined by your organisation
  • Build a Business case to gain buy in for your improvement
  • Embed Continuous Improvement and raise standards
  • Participate in an industry-led research project to provide benchmarking data for your community:
    • Volatility & Flexibility
    • Forecasting & Analysis
    • Operational Effectiveness
    • Quality Assurance
    • Data Insight
    • Customer Experience

Focus on developing individuals with the skills and capabilities to deliver organisational improvement:

  • Programme planning methods
  • Engagement and communication methods
  • Continuous Improvement tools and techniques
  • How to learn and benchmark best practice and leverage networking

Recognise and reward your Challenge participants success with free entry to our National Awards and x2 places at the National Awards Dinner, London.

Hear for yourself the success stories from the 2017 Challenge
“I found the challenge extremely useful, being able to meet with different companies all with similar business challenges. We were able to network and share best practice on our issues and potentially find solutions to drive our challenge forward.
The forum team are extremely knowledgeable about general planning and also the different systems/platforms we all use which enables them to offer great advice.”

Natalie Green, RBS

“With a demanding project to deliver on time, incorporating a third-party solution for our contact centre, something none of us in the team had any experience of, it was re-assuring to be able to utilise the tools that the challenge offers to help us along our journey. Being able to create action plans with timescales to help us monitor our progress and keep on track, to be able to network and share/steal ideas from others who had perhaps been on similar journeys to ours in the past and just occasionally being able to get some reinforcement that we were actually making good progress: being part of the challenge offered us all this support throughout the year helping us to make sure the project was delivered as required.” 
Carl Mills, Resource Planner, Eurostar

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