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Adding participants to your Challenge

This year we are launching our online Communities portal, making it easier for you to manage your challenge. This means that you can add your challenge goals and action plans for the year and update these at your own pace rather than needing to wait for workshops to help you progress.

Access the portal at: http://theforum.force.com/Forum/s/

You will have received a log-in to this portal from our Salesforce email. If you did not receive the mail can you check with your IT people that it has not been blocked? If the email has not come through or you cannot gain access to the portal can you let me know as soon as possible?

As lead participant, we ask that you begin the process of managing the Challenge this year by adding the names of the participants who will be taking part in the first workshop.

  • On the screen click on My Challenges, where you will see the challenge(s) you have signed up for.
  • On the next screen, you will see the Participant List. Click on the ‘new’ button to add a participant. When the screen opens up, you can search for the name of the person you want to include. Just start typing the name.
  • If the person is not shown (because they are not yet on our database), you can go back to the earlier screen, where there is another option: add new contacts further down the screen.
  • Be careful with abbreviated names, e.g. try David as well as Dave.
  • Please add the programme role: as you can see, there are several options for the Programme Role.
  • Each person can have multiple roles. So for example, you will have been listed as Lead Participant, Login and Workshop Participant.

You can add or edit people throughout the year, but at this stage, please make sure you select ‘Login’ as an option for anyone who you want to be able to access this page or the Challenge resources and support.

Over the next few weeks you will want to think about your Goals for the challenges and we will let you know how you can add and manage these very soon.

The 2017 Challenge is there to help your team maximise your impact and deliver on your key objectives for the year. Most teams therefore find it helpful to link this programme to your team’s performance and development process - and to set regular reviews with your manager or challenge sponsor, before and after key events in the challenge programme, such as the regional workshops or the national conferences. These dates are now set up for 2017.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if we can help in any way.




Get started on your Challenge

Use this workbook to help you to start thinking about your goals for 2017. Use the exercises to help refine your ideas.

Download the PDF now.

Download the worksheets now.

Select the event below to see more detail

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This site uses cookies to help deliver an engaging user experience.
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