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2017 Challenge: Best Practice Days, London

20th-21st June, London

This workshop forms part of the 2017 Challenge - our year-long programme of activity, development and support to help you make the difference in your organisations. 

These challenge programmes are designed to help you move forward on solutions that address the key business imperatives on which you are focussing within your organisation. It offers activities and support for benchmarking, networking, learning, sharing and development. Unless you are on Challenge Lite, this includes these regional workshops three times in the year and challenge-specific places at the national conferences, awards and site visits.

These best practice days also combine the Finalist Day for the National Awards programme. This is a great opportunity to share best practice and see what others have achieved. 

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Use this workbook to help you to start thinking about your goals for 2017. Use the exercises to help refine your ideas.

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