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Focus on your key challenges as a team

Does your operation have the scope for achieving benefits of at least £6,000 a year? Choosing the right goals for your challenge is key to the benefits you gain. 

Typically, payback comes from both creating capacity for value added projects and projected operational, customer or engagement gains. Choosing the right goals is the key to identifying benefits that far outweigh your investment.

Each team is asked to identify 2-3 challenge goals for the year. These may include:

  • A planned corporate project or a local initiative that delivers significant tangible improvements
  • Internal process or communication improvements that create capacity in the team to deliver change
  • New approaches to Planning, Insight, Quality Assurance or Customer Experience Design
  • Extending successful approaches into digital channels, the back office or the wider enterprise
  • Progressing your Standards Benchmarking Improvement Roadmap

The first phase of the challenge ensures that you set off with the right focus to maximise your impact

  • Define the problems you need to solve, using our resource videos & handbook
  • Identify potential goals for 2017 and review them at your January tutorial
  • Engage key stakeholders so that your challenge goals are both realistic and compelling
  • Create a roadmap for these improvements, using our 5 Steps to Success methodology
  • Review these outputs at our regional workshop in February before finalising your approach

There are 4 challenges in 2017: Planning, Insight, Quality & Customer Experience. Some organisations engage each of these teams in the challenge – each undertaking their own programme addressing key priorities in each area. For small teams, a cross-functional challenge is also a possibility; contact us for details. 


  • Set 2 or 3 goals with the right mix – some quick wins and time saving steps as well as a project with tangible benefits in the business
  • Include these in the Team’s 2017 KPIs and link them to your performance/team reviews
  • Find efficiencies that create new capacity and forecast projected benefits from the start


  • Lose focus with a long list of goals or choose a single project that can be held up by factors outside of your control
  • Rush in before you analyse the problem or forget to engage stakeholders at the start


Get started on your Challenge

Use this workbook to help you to start thinking about your goals for 2017. Use the exercises to help refine your ideas.

Download the PDF now.

Download the worksheets now.

Select the event below to see more detail

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