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Speech Analytics Best Practice Guide

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How to gain measurable benefit from Speech Analytics, edited by Paul Smedley: 86 page guide full of top tips from practitioners as well as experts – with case studies and best practice guidance. This is a must-have tool for anyone looking to implement speech analytics.

This book is packed full of practical advice about how to gain real benefits in a customer contact operation, from other practitioner and our own independent experts.  An industry first, it provides contributions from 20 organisations and 50 individuals in the UK, representing many millions of customer calls each year and an estimated 35,000 contact centre agents.

While speech analytics has come of age for the customer contact industry in the last two years, because a few pioneers have demonstrated remarkable benefits, we estimate that at most 6-12 organisations in the UK are yet using it in a mature way, embedding analytics in a range of regular day-to-day business processes.  We’ve created this new guide, because our members are looking for practical guidance. We believe this book is unique in the way it brings together, at this critical point, such a wide base of practical learning in the UK market.  

This book is your invitation to discover what works. The first in a series of topic-specific guides, our aim is to help you gain new understanding about how to use analytics and what you need to put in place in order to gain the results you are looking for. This is not a technology that can just be ‘switched on’. Successful analytics also needs planning and analysis.

As with our highly-regarded events and training programmes, this guide arises out of shared learning and practical experience. It tells the story of the end-users and suppliers who have pioneered speech analytics. We invite you to use it to gain measurable benefit for your own enterprise. Then share the new insights so that the industry as a whole moves forward. Don’t let the opportunities pass us by!

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