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Take real-time planning to the next level, with passion, insight and automation

Is it ‘groundhog day’ in your operation, living the same problem over and over? Or are you one of those pioneers who form the beating heart of a truly agile and customer focussed venture? Alison Conaghan finds out how members are building on best practice and pioneering new approaches.

Real-time was once the poor relation of the planning team, where analysts started off until they knew enough to move on! Now we’re emerging from a reactive service into proactive insight, still founded on robust principles and processes, but using technology and communications to be far more connected, aware and purposeful in everything we do. Real-time is about the ‘now’ but this means planning ahead (if we don’t do this most options are closed off) and ‘learning from the now’ (so that it’s different next time). This starts with understanding your organisation’s strategy and aligning objectives.

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First published in the 2017 Best Practice Guide Breakthrough: Releasing Potential
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