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Releasing Potential: collaboration, empowerment and shared purpose

We share success stories and uncover what releases untapped potential in our organisations and the people who work in them. What sets us free to give of our very best? What makes professionals stand out, in striving for excellence and improvement?

As we kick off twelve months of sharing member stories about how to achieve breakthrough, this 2017 guide reveals an unprecedentedarray of best practice. We showcase the outstanding achievements of winners and finalists in the three National Awards and the Innovation Awards. Releasing potential is the ethos for each of The Forum’s member programmes. We see astonishing results every week – from teams on the 2017 Challenge, students on the University Development Programmes, Standards Benchmarking, Accredited Professionals and all the different learning and development opportunities.

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First published in the 2017 Best Practice Guide Breakthrough: Releasing Potential. Order your copy now.

Watch the videos of the keynote presentations from Customer Strategy & Planning 2017:

  • Nicola Callan (To be added soon)
  • Richard Abdy (To be added soon)


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