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Direct Line Group Case Study 2016: 52 Weeks of Green: focus on operational performance

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See how planning and front line operations teams developed outstanding collaboration and buy-in, as a result of an absolute, shared focus on service consistency, every single week of the year.

The new focus brought the entire operation together during 2015, around a common objective, shared at all levels. This galvanised the planning team, half the size they were two years ago but restructured to focus on collaboration with Operations. Relationships are outstanding and increasingly the insight that planning can bring has a ready audience. Appointing Site Demand Analysts and Relationship Managers has been vital, as have daily dial-ins with ops and regular meetings with team leaders. Analysts interpret plans, focus on operational learning and schedule time for development, a massive win for colleague engagement. As well as achieving 52 Weeks of Green, abandon rate is down from 7.5% to 1.5% overall despite 6% lower staff costs, MyCustomer scores rose 11% and NPS is up 12%-13% across the business.


  • Trading performance rose 7%
  • Abandon rate improved to 1.9%, from 7.5%, while staff costs dropped 6%
  • 52 weeks of green performance in 2015
  • MyCustomer satisfaction scores up 15%, to 79%
  • NPS: 57 in motor (+13%), 49 in home (+12% )
  • Planning engagement scores doubled, to 48%
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