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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Case Study 2017: Service excellence and quality assurance

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Service Excellence builds trust and confidence in the FCA, both outwardly, as ambassadors to firms and consumers, and inwardly, as a voice for customers in the wider organisation. New CSAT surveys are building insight that’s effective in driving improvement within the centre, in the website and across the FCA. “A new, risk-based, QA framework combines reviewing the quality of guidance” with direct customer feedback and more team leader time for coaching – creating a collaborative, supportive environment for development & recognition. As part of the FCA Salesforce implementation, associates see a single view of how each case is managed with new dashboards, league tables and integrated MI giving customer insight that is relevant and easy to act on.

Who will learn from this case study? This case study is an unparalleled opportunity to look from the inside and appreciate the approaches taken at the FCA to focus on consistency of service excellence. This will be of interest to firms across all sectors, with a focus on – quality assurance, customer experience, insight and leadership teams. 

Key Results

  • An easily accessed, single view of how every case is managed & learned from.
  • High CSAT survey response rate (c20%)
  • High degree of assurance (‘action required’ from service recovery <0.01% of total contacts)
  • Customer Satisfaction 93% for consumers, 87% for firms [Apr-Sep 2016]
  • Growing use of customer insight role across the wider organisation

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