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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Case Study 2017: Focus on the quality of service

Site Visit: 13th September in London

Hear about this case study at Customer Strategy & Planning 2017, Monday 24th April at 10:30 in Harrogate. 

  • See how life for associates and callers has changed by a new QA approach that combines use of direct customer feedback with QA focussing on managing risk and the quality of response.
  • Gain insight into the benefits from integrating CSAT & QA in the Salesforce CRM with trackable learning/actions resulting from coaching conversations.

As a high-profile regulator, responding to contact from both consumers and regulated firms requires accurate communication around complex issues. As part of a customer contact strategy, a new approach to QA links with resourcing and IT changes to balance a focus on risk, and the quality of service and guidance given, with direct customer feedback for associates. As part of the FCA Salesforce implementation, CSAT, QA & coaching actions are all linked to individual associates and cases. This is giving total transparency across all teams, with new dashboards and league tables – plus a single view of how each case is managed and learned from. Taking a risk-based approach to QA has built a platform for development and recognition – and a better overall customer experience. 

Who should attend? This case study is an unparalleled opportunity to look from the inside and appreciate the approaches taken at the FCA to focus on consistency of service excellence. This will be of interest to firms across all sectors, with a focus on – quality assurance, customer experience, insight and leadership teams. 

Key Results

  • A consolidated and transparent picture of feedback from all sources,
  • Enabling performance comparison and competition amongst teams/associates
  • Enabling faster service recovery
  • Enabling more effective use of resources Increased resource allocation
  • Easier capture of coaching tips and tracking of agreed development actions

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