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BT Awards Case Study 2017: Transforming service delivery by field engineers

Site Visit: 15th June in Newcastle

Hear about this case study at Customer Strategy & Planning 2017, Monday 24th April at 10:30 in Harrogate. 
  • Learn about a project that has put autonomy and choice in the hands of service engineers and raising productivity 10%, with almost half a million extra jobs delivered in a year
  • Gain insight into the factors that improved employee engagement and productivity whilst delivering £25m savings in the first year, with the implementation of new processes & IT
  • See how this radical approach was driven by collaboration between operations and BT 

Leaders were aware that although the operation was well controlled, missed opportunities existed in the real-time delivery of workload. Field engineers knew that they were passing work, which they could do ‘on the way’. The project was aimed at freeing them up to be able to take advantage of these opportunities, doing more with less by increasing visibility of work requiring completion across the entire network. All this in the face of increasing workloads in the last 18 months. The move from ‘push to pull’ has decentralised non-urgent decision making to local engineers and their patch managers, releasing the potential of their extensive knowledge of engineering, local exchanges and local geography. This has delivered some outstanding results whilst allowing the operational control function to focus on high priority ‘jeopardy’ incidents. The new systems were implemented with full staff engagement, with methodical knowledge dissemination; the team created ‘Gold Users’, applied prototyping and used control groups to prove the benefits. 

Who should attend? This case study will be of huge interest to anyone with ‘field operations’, with engineers, advisors, surveyors, loss adjusters, installers or other professionals based off-site. Take the chance to see an innovative approach to effective operating practice, in such a large nationwide telecoms operator. 

Key results

  • A total of £25M was saved in the first year.
  • Productivity rose 10%, with almost half a million extra jobs delivered in a year.
  • The number of control centres was halved, from 4 to 2, saving 10 FTE 
  • Travel reduced c17% and 12,500 fewer driving hours every month saves transport costs and carbon omissions

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