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Shop Direct Case Study 2017: Outsourcing and digital transformation

Site Visit: 22nd June in Speke.

Hear about this case study at Customer Strategy & Planning 2017, Tuesday 25th April at 11:30 in Harrogate.

  • Gain insight on making a digital transformation strategy work on the ground, in your contact centre operation
  • See what successful outsourcing partnerships can deliver and what factors drive this success
  • Hear how to make change happen faster, as an operation, and plan a three-year programme of change 

Discover how Shop Direct moved from being a catalogue company to become a successful online retailer and the pivotal part that their outsourcing partnership with WebHelp has played in delivering this. Fast-paced change was delivered throughout 2016 in this high-volume business, successfully transitioning ten service lines, spanning both UK and South African sites.  Eight cross-functional “skunkworks” projects, empowering teams to work towards faster change and more ambitious outcomes for the customer (“Miss Very”). Understanding the customer journey has been vital in charting an approach targeted to the demographic of each customer. For instance, NPS scores are higher when digital customers can self-serve. Switching off email and focusing on webchat has scored highly in customer satisfaction and increased webchat fourfold. The driving goal is to create a personal and easy service experience for customers that builds trust and connection, keeping customer coming back to shop again and again.

Who should attend? This case study will be of huge interest to anyone involved with channel shift, customer contact strategy, change management and aligning cultures – whatever your sector – as well as those working in online retail or with outsourced operations. It’s also a great chance to look at digital/webchat operations and understand what drives success in practice. 

Key results

  • Digitally assisted contacts have tripled – on target to reach 60% by year 3
  • Self-service now at 50%, on track for 85% by year 3
  • Offshore contact moved from 25% to 75%

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