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Partner Material: Are you getting the most from your call recording?

We all know call recording is an essential tool for maintaining compliance, but have you ever stopped and thought about how much value can be gained from those recordings?  

A lot of companies are sitting on a goldmine of information, containing more insights into customers, their relationship with your business, common complaints and habits, than you’ll ever get from a customer satisfaction survey. And yet most of that insight goes to waste with calls rarely, if ever, being reviewed.

At Calabrio, they're helping businesses do more with call recording. Rather than just allowing you to record and store your customer interactions, you can tag, catalog and analyse those calls whenever you want.

That means you can identify trends in call types and identify gaps in your service from hundreds of thousands of logged interactions.

Take a look at their latest eBook, and find out how you can gain real value from your call recording.

Download the ebook.



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