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Aegon Awards Case Study 2017: The human touch: is it easy to make the right choice?

Site Visit: 27th June in Edinburgh.

Hear about this case study at Customer Strategy & Planning 2017, Monday 24th April at 11:30 in Harrogate. 

Rigorous testing and objective data has proved these concepts at Aegon. Customer confidence and investments grew by 60% in a year, while raising NPS by 15 points building customer advocacy. Crucially, it became clear how much customers value ‘the human touch’, looking for clarity and reassurance in the choices they need to make, in this complex, regulated, financial marketplace. Aegon work closely with Cowry Consulting, who apply behavioural psychology to improve both customer conversations and written materials. An academically & statistically rigorous pilot started in a small team, over five months, before rolling out to the wider business, training and coaching their people. The new approach has created a different emotional experience and connection for customers; sales teams are far more confident and engaged as well.

Who should attend? This case study has a great story for leaders and quality, customer experience, insight, HR and operational teams. Take the opportunity to learn about choice architecture, take a fresh look at what creates better customer conversations and learn from practical, proven experience. 

Key Results 

  • NPS up 15 points
  • QA scores rose 14%
  • Investments increased by 60%
  • ROI 37:1 
  • Employee engagement rose 47 points
  • Wider roll out into other customer facing teams

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