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Aegon Awards Case Study 2017: Choice architecture drives better conversations

Site Visit: 27th June in Edinburgh.

Hear about this case study at Customer Strategy & Planning 2017, Monday 24th April at 11:30 in Harrogate. 

  • Learn how behavioural economics and choice architecture can drive better conversations and emotional connection with your customers
  • See the proven results from a rigorous pilot in Aegon Assist, re-designing call scripts and re-engaging advisors 
  • Hear about further improvements after the pilot and broader changes to the website, letters, emails and the wider customer service team 

Discover how behavioural psychology and science has been applied to transform results, starting from an academically and statistically rigorous pilot (using control group and AB testing) in a small team of 12 at Aegon Assist. Using Choice architecture, based on behavioural economics, Cowry Consulting were able to re-design scripts and provide training and coaching for the team, so that they were confident and well-focussed. The new approach creates a different emotional experience and connection for customers, raising NPS and sales conversion in just the first 5 months of the pilot, and continuing to grow ever since. Alongside this formal testing, changes have been made to the website (this is an online product), letters and emails. Now the approach is being rolled out in the wider customer service team that supports independent advisors as well as direct customers. This story recognises the value of a resource which you cannot source internally (no psychologist roles!) 

Who should attend? This case study has a great story for leaders and quality, customer experience, insight, HR and operational teams. Take the opportunity to learn about choice architecture, take a fresh look at what creates better customer conversations and learn from practical, proven experience. 

Key Results 

  • NPS up 28 points 
  • QA scores rose 14%
  • Direct sales jumped six-fold in a year
  • ROI 37:1 

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