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Sales director: Jonathan Bradshaw

Phone: 0800 011 9688





EvaluAgent is transforming the way contact centres operate, through the world's first Workforce Engagement Management Platform that answers the call of an increasingly demanding consumer.


By employing the very latest technology and techniques such as user-friendly dashboards, leaderboards and game mechanics, EvaluAgent nurtures a new generation of agent; engaged, informed, enthused and capable of delivering a far better customer experience than ever before.


Cloud-based, affordable and proven in the field, EvaluAgent’s current range of software solutions includes:


Quality Monitoring

A straightforward and highly effective quality monitoring tool that guarantees you’ll never have to refer to a spreadsheet ever again.



A powerful surveying solution that increases your response rates and delivers a level of insight that drives change and really brings the voice of the customer to life.


Performance Management

Transforms confusing operational data into insight that you can easily understand and act on.



Engages and motivates your agents to greater productivity using the very latest game mechanics.



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