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Interactive Intelligence

Interactive Intelligence


Sue Forgie 

T: 07581 779 813

Interactive Intelligence is a global provider of strategic planning, contact centre, unified communications, and business process automation software and services.  Our solutions are designed to improve the overall customer experience. Over 6,000 organisations worldwide currently benefit from our on-premise or cloud-based solutions. 

Interaction Decisions™ is long-term strategic planning simulation software designed for organisations and uses data from a wide variety of sources such as telephony, workforce management, customer feedback, and payroll systems. This proven solution helps address your most common and complex business challenges.  

Get the speed you need.  Interaction Decisions quickly calculates and updates all impacted metrics automatically – giving executives the information to assess organisational changes in real-time and make fully informed decisions. Discover the organisational impact caused by changes in seasonality, new product launches, front and back office impact of mergers and acquisitions - within seconds of running simulations.

Rely on accuracy, spend less time producing spreadsheets and more time analysing the best course of action. Interaction Decisions provides accuracy through custom, discrete event simulation - giving analysts the facts to validate output at any time.  Select a premises-based or cloud solution depending on your needs.

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